About Us

Northern Colorado's Local Radon professionals

We Are dedicated to the education and the reduction of radon exposure in Colorado

For nearly three decades, Colorado Radon Mitigation have sought to bring to the forefront the significant and increased dangers radon gas poses to Coloradoans up and down the Front Range. Being fully certified industry radon professionals and experts, we ALWAYS seek to implement the industry’s most cutting edge technologies, tools and methods to reduce the level of radon gas to the lowest possible levels. 

Our passion and commitment to protecting our fellow Coloradoans and neighbors from radon exposure is unquestionable. Our work, qualifications and our customers own testimonies are proof positive how extremely serious we are in this endeavor.


We Offer A Full Line of Nationally Certified and state licensed Radon Measurement & abatement Services

Company Mission

Colorado Radon Mitigation is committed to the continued education and reduction of radon gas exposure across the Front Range.

By providing best in industry service, parts, materials and knowledge, we know that we can enlighten and protect all Coloradoans from risks of radon gas exposure. We believe that no family or worker should be unnecessarily exposed to dangerous levels of radon when there are numerous methods and technologies that can be implemented to reduce these. We believe there is NO SAFE LEVEL of radon and we will always do our very best to reduce these to the lowest possible!

Why Choose Us

Our dedication to fulfill our customers’ radon reduction requirements is second to none. Our work and current customers’ testimonials is proof to that.